Branding process

for timeline enthusiasts

A great brand comes with a lot of talking and a great understanding of who you are and where your expectations stand.

I don’t believe in a systematic approach because all brands are unique and require bespoke services. There are, however, a few main lines that we will always go through.

Discovery phase

Each project starts with a conversation to get to know you and your brand. This can be done in person or via Skype. I prefer to keep phone conversations for later as I believe it is important to see each other face to face at first.

We will discus your needs such as deliverable and objectives, who you target audience are, your budget and your timelines. It's also great to know who your direct competitors are.

I will leave you with a few questions to answer that will help me get a deeper understanding of your needs. And if you don't have answers that's ok, we'll work them out together.

Project mapping

Once we have the answers we need, we will work out a timeline of your project, making sure you get everything you need in time.

My research phase always begins by creating a moodboard, even if you have a clear idea in mind. They are a great way to express a brand – both visually and emotionally – and allow concepts to take shape.

Concept phase

Now is the time to work on initial concepts. I usually work by hand during that phase, sketching and painting. This is when logos are conceived and colour palettes and layouts are put together. When one direction is agreed, we can move on to the final product.

Brand presentation

Now is the time to complete the visual identity, develop concepts on various sizes and supports. I will either send you a pdf or meet you again in person. We will talk about the next steps, final adjustments and collaterals needed. I want you to be entirely satisfied with your brand!


All work is complete! You will receive all the assets needed, templates and other files created during the process. Now is your time to start using your brand, good luck! And remember: I am always here if you need more help.

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Design Process

for other projects

Although all projects follow the same steps of discovery, moodboards, concepts, presentation, revisions and delivery, some variations are to be noted, depending on the nature of the work.

Read bellow the slight differences to be expected on other types of projects.

Layouts for Print and Web

On brochures, a cover and double-page spread are first presented in order to confirm the overall style unless if a clear layout has been agreed on beforehand. The rest of the documents is then laid out and presented in full.

Wordpress & Shopify

Before the build of your website can begin, a storyboard of your website will be supplied and agreed to. Storyboards help you visualise the layout of the finished site, only without styling. Once this step is complete, you will be presented with the homepage. Once agreed, the rest of the pages will be built.

Bespoke fonts

Due to their handmade nature, fonts are first presented as an Illustrator document. Once the style is signed off, the font will be completed and supplied as TTF/OTF. For icon fonts, the files will be supplied as SVG and TTF.

All projects include up to 3 waves of amends.