Chips is a Christian charity that works to re-establish peace between communities. Working essentially in the UK and Africa, they have a daring and effective way process. They send peacemakers to live with the communities, understanding both sides and working with them to solve issues and make peace once again.
Like many charities, they needed to update their style to be more in-line with their current audience: a mix of young (sometimes not religious) people and long-term followers. They needed clarity in their messaging as well as a striking visual identity to stand out from the crowd.

Although a full visual identity – along with guidelines and templates – were created, I have decided to show you 2 parts that are essential in this brand: the bespoke font and the illustrative style.

Messaging is absolutely vital for charities. They work for a purpose, so they will always need to remind people of what they do. Because of that, I believed that creating a bespoke font would be a perfect solution. This means that the copy with carry both messages and visual identity.

I wanted the style to be honest, rough, direct, much like the places damaged by war and the people suffering because of it. The roughness also shows humanity by being imperfect but always evolving. I used foam sheets that are easy to cut and had them backed on hard boards. In order to create more texture, I applied paint to the stamps by using a rough paintbrush that left marks on the surface.

Each pressed stamp was scanned afterwards, vectorised and put together using a font software, where the font was completed. The font contains a full set of glyphs to allows for more languages and is usable for print and web.