Atelier P’tits Délices

Atelier P’tits Délices is a Swiss brand of gluten-free products created by Hervé and Ednalva (who suffers from coeliac disease). At the heart of their mission is the desire to provide high quality cakes to people with dietary conditions. They started their adventure in 2014, producing their first gluten-free cake-in-a-bottle. Very much a home brand, they printed their stickers from a home printer and wrote every single name by hand. We started working together in 2017, when they felt that they needed to build a strong and consistent brand that would allow them to expand and get the bottles out of the kitchen, literally.

They were after a classic and timeless logo that would convey the idea of their main product. A mix of modern calligraphy and serif was the right option for them. I worked on multiple bottle shapes and used layers of colours to express the ingredients stacked inside.

We wanted the bottles to be as much a part of the brand as the logo and stickers. So we opted for a simple shape with a kraft background that would allow us to include all the necessary informations and let the layers inside the bottles show around each sticker.

Because they have multiple categories of products, we used background colours to make the bottles differentiable from a distance. Cakes have a kraft background, cookies are pink, waffles are a textured teal and spreads are slate. This is a system that can easily be extended, for limited editions like Christmas for example.