and Visuals

I love illustration. Wether it’s part of a visual identity or as a stand-alone piece of art, it can speak more than a thousand words. Techniques in illustrations vary widely and there’s always a voice that will speak to your brand.

My illustrative style

I have an artistic approach to design and the same goes for my illustrations. I love anything from colourful acrylics to line art, from geometrical patterns to hand-cut stamps. For more examples of my illustrations, go visit the Gallery.

Illustrations can fill multiple purposes. It’s not just there as decoration. It can replace photography altogether or add depth to an otherwise minimal brand. Here are some examples:

  • Icons
  • Simple visuals to decorate pages
  • Complex full-page illustrations
  • Repeat patterns for products
  • and more…

I need illustration to put on products I sell, can you do that?

Yes, that’s possible although this will require a licence depending on the use that you want to make of the products. This is will depend on the amount of “prints” necessary and the number of different products that will feature the illustration.

I need vectors, can you do that?

Some of my illustrations can be turned into vectors (which means that they can be rescaled and recoloured) but I don’t work directly on computer. So my designs are first scanned to a high resolution before being turned into vectors. Please note that some details will be lost in the process so this is not something that I do regularly.

"I am so happy with my new website Pascaline has recently designed for me. She was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and I love all the little details she has added to make it extra special. She's definitely my go-to for anything design related!"

Emily Bogiatjis, for Emily Marina Viola